Daly Latest Large Lug To Arrive At Spring Training

First, it’s Josh Beckett showing up a bit bulbous for the BoSox. Then, it’s Dmitri Young appearing with a wide waist for Washington. And now the Phillies have their own fat friend to welcome to spring training: John Daly.

John Daly at Phillies spring training

BUGS & CRANKS finds the golfer having the guts (and then some) to appear at Phils’ practice in Clearwater, Fla., on Sunday. (He probably looking for a recommendation on a good cheesesteak).

Daly had been competing in a nearby tournament. Or more specifically, he was hanging out at the Hooters tent drinking beer and autographing asses.

After missing the cut of the PODS Tournament, the TAMPA TRIBUNE (via AOL FANHOUSE) noted how Daly contented himself with a few brews and plenty of company at the Hooters Owl’s Nest tent behind the course’s 17th hole. And one fan became a little cheeky with the super-sized swinger:

The golfing Buddha also willingly autographed Trinity resident Kim Geiger’s jeans, who bent over and offered her backside as his canvas.

“I go, ‘Here I am again. I’m your worst nightmare.’ He goes, ‘Oh no you’re not, honey. As a matter of fact, I like it when you walk away,’” Geiger said. “He goes, ‘I like your butt. I’m an butt man.’ He goes, ‘And you have a nice butt.’ Yeah baby, he likes my butt.”

John Daly Photos Cigarette

Of course, we already knew he liked butts.