John Daly New Book Golf My Own Damn Way Reviewed

LOWER HANDICAP IS MCDONALDS DRIVE-THRU VISIT AWAY: The GLASGOW HERALD has a great primer on John Daly’s new book: “Golf My Own Damn Way“. From what the Herald reports, there’s more unearthed gems in the Daly document than hidden in Charlie Weis’ folds.

John Daly Book

Excerpts:• “prepared for his Open Championship-winning final round at St Andrews in 1995 by eating 10 chocolate croissants.

• “advises golfers to ‘let your belly lead your hands’“.

John Daly Photos Cigarette

• “munches through 20 packets of M&Ms in a round and was once disqualified from a junior tournament for having a bottle of Jack Daniels in his bag.“• “suggests the PGA Tour should allow players to wear Bermuda shorts, should make carts mandatory and should strip-search spectators to keep mobiles and cameras off the course.

John Daly Drunk Photo

I think we all could see that last one coming.