John Daly Makes It To The Masters - Selling Stuff

Despite all his past problems - such as spending a night in jail after passing out at a Hooters when his traveling companions ditched him - it’s good to see John Daly make it to this year’s Masters.

John Daly merchandise RV

And it would be even better if he were actually playing. John is in Augusta, all right - but instead of hitting the links, he’s hawking hats & shirts.

Robert Beck of SI’s GOLF.COM reports that the rotund swinger has set up shop about a three-minute walk from the Augusta National Golf Club. Since Daly is still serving a six-month suspension from the PGA, he figures he might as well try to earn back some of those lost tourney earnings with a little roadside clothing sale.

And Daly is reportedly not as rotund as he used to be:

Daly declined to chat this morning as he unloaded boxes of hats and shirts and carefully placed them on a table outside his coach bus. But he looked downright trim by his standards, having shed some 40 pounds in recent months.

It does make a big difference when you order your Hooters wings naked instead of breaded.

Although he’s missing out on The Masters, Daly’s on course to be back on the course in three weeks, when he’s scheduled to play the Spanish Open. In the meantime, why not help John pay for his plane ticket to Madrid by snatching up one of his caps or t-shirts? Just check for any wing sauce stains.