John Daly Has Trouble Fitting into Tunnels, Pants

John Daly has size issues, it’s true.  Considering his chosen profession, it’s not the worst sin to commit (as he’s explored most of those as well), but it can be a hindrance from time to time. However, no one quite expected Daly’s desire to expand would affect him negatively quite like this:

John Daly is stuck

Daly couldn’t squeeze his RV into the twelve-feet tall Bankhead Tunnel in Mobile, AL, last Monday without breakin’ a li’l somethin’ somethin’ off the top.  Parts of the RV rained down on opposing traffic, smashing a 1998 Cadillac DeVille’s windshield, roof, and trunk. Apparently, the “grip it and rip it” philosophy does not work for tunnels and recreational vehicles.

Of course, the driver of the car that took the damage has fully recognized the opportunity presented to him.  He claims $8,000 in damages to his 11-year-old Cadillac (which, if true, should be the best testimony yet for buying American) and went to a doctor after both men drove away, now suffering from the ubiquitous “neck and shoulder injuries”.

For Daly, most of his pain will likely be in his wallet.  He won’t even receive a traffic violation because no car hit any other car.  Apparently, the littering laws in Mobile are more lax than expected.