John Daly Discovers Another Use For A Beer Can

It’s pretty clear at this moment that John Daly is a modern day George Washington Carver, in that he finds all sorts of ways to take a beer can and use it in everyday life. Art decor! A makeshift carnival game! You can .. um .. drink them! And now Daly shows his latest use:

Via FANHOUSE, Daly was paired up with the skeletal crooner Kid Rock at the Buick Open Pro-Am in Michigan and showed the crowd that, yes, you can use a beer can as a golf tee.

As blogger Ryan Wilson dutifully points out, Daly wasn’t pressured by the fan who was yelling at him to “shotgun” the beer after he hit it. Maybe he has grown up, or maybe he knows better than to mess with an alcoholic beverage that has lost most of its carbonation into the soily turf.

What aluminum innovation will he bestow on us next? Tune in next time to DIY-UI With Daly, when we show you how to make your own flower pots!

(Aside: Bobby Higginson and Fred Funk were paired up in this thing. And here I thought only celebrities and athletes were allowed in pro-ams.)