John Calipari Releases Tree From UK Commitment

I’m not quite sure why this isn’t in the national headlines today, but there’s some huge news coming out of Lexington, Kentucky, concerning new UK coach John Calipari.

John Calipari's tree

The LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER is reporting that a group of men armed with chainsaws showed up at the house Calipari has bought (but not yet moved into) on Sunday morning. They stayed there until 6:30 in the evening … cutting down a tree. Yes, this is news in Kentucky. Welcome to Lexington, coach.

Shocking details after the jump.

Beverly Fortune must love the days she gets to make a real difference over at the HERALD-LEADER:

Ruben Tree Service of Winchester started work Sunday morning on a massive pin oak in the front yard of 1732 Richmond Road. The crew worked until 6:30 p.m., said employee Juan Delgado. He and Adolfo Duarte were back with chain saws early Monday cutting the huge trunk into slices.

The trunk was so large, even when those slices were cut into two pieces, it took four people to lift one into a truck.

Wait, they were there Monday, too? Unbelievable!

Actually, I think this was all concocted as an excuse to publish Calipari’s future address so that the UK fans know which house to throw the flaming bags of feces at next year when they lose at home to Mercer.

Also, the tree’s fate is a shining example of Calipari’s ability to make the tough decisions:

“We had an arborist look at the tree,” said Garry Milton, the owner who is selling to Calipari. While the tree put out green leaves this spring, it was in serious decline, essentially “dead,” Milton said. “The coach wanted it down.”

“Look tree, I know you have some talent, but I just want to be realistic with you here. I don’t think you’re going to be in my rotation next year, and I think you’re just going to have a better future if you find another yard to grow in.”

Even the rabid Kentucky fans are having trouble dealing with this as a legitimate news story, as evidenced by a slew of reader comments that basically are along these lines:

I heard that Rick Pitino had a clogged toilet last week. What kind of tree do you think The Calipari’s will plant now? Did Patrick Patterson buy his mom flowers yesterday? I am so glad that the H-L finally figured out how to sell papers. Maybe Eblen will do an in depth story on possible paint colors now!

Too bad newspapers are going downhill these days. I can’t imagine living in a world where important stories like this don’t get the coverage they deserve.