John Amaechi\’s Coming Out Party Not So Festive

NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT: Don Ameche was gay? So that old cat was literally “Trading Places”?

Oh, it’s John Amaechi, who was already pretty much outted in cyberspace when the rumors started that a former NBA player was going to reveal his true sexual identity in a book that ESPN was not only going to publish, but then promote ad nauseum on its website (first, as a news story at the top of their list of the day’s headlines), then as a subject for “Outside The Lines” and probably fill a couple of more chat sessions on ESPN Nation.

To many columnists out there, the subject matter is already cold pizza.

ESPN Page 2 columnist LZ Granderson isn’t impressed, either. And that’s impressive, since his employer is dedicated at shoving this story up everyone’s you-know-what.

“Waiting until you’re retired to come out is a bunch of crap,” he writes. “Wake us when a gay male pro athlete shows the courage while playing.”

Yeah, like a WNBA player.