John Amaechi Now Pitcher For Wonderment Of Head Shaving

FORMER GAY NBAER NOW PITCHER FOR HEAD SHAVING: Headblade, Inc., reports today that it has signed openly gay former NBA player John Amaechi to an endorsement contract.

John Amaechi Headblade

The main media breathlessly reports that this is “the first case of an openly gay male athlete to sign an endorsement deal with a mainstream company.”

John Amaechi Headblade

With all due respect to the shaving products company, I don’t know if revenues totaling $10M last year would classify it as a “mainstream” company, but I do like the tagline it is using for the Amaechi campaign: “Against The Groin Grain.”

Most interesting is how the gay media is covering the sign, like the blog Towelroad, which approaches the story from a different angle: “Tim Hardaway Out, John Amaechi In as Bald Guy Spokesmodel“.


Tim Hardaway

Less amusing is the site duly noting that after his anti-homosexual comments, Tim Hardaway lost an endorsement deal with another bald head-based shaving company, BaldGuyz.