Joey Porter Restores Our Undying Faith In Him

Joey Porter has been all over the news of late, and sadly, for a lot of the right reasons. He’s been having a fantastic season on the field for the resurgent Dolphins, correctly predicted the Fins win over the Pats this season, and even refused to respond in kind to Brandon Marshall’s recent outburst about him.

Joey Porter Celebration

Yeah, I’ve been very disappointed in Porter. But thankfully, he gave us a couple crumbs that get things back to normal with him. First, he celebrated a TD at the Colorado State game with one of the Rams players last Saturday. The celebration cost the team a 15-yard penalty. Video after the jump.

Second, Porter went off today in a conference call about the cocaine case of Matt Jones.

From Armando Salguero’s MIAMI HERALD blog:

On the NFL’s policy for fining players even when they don’t get flagged during games, Porter was asked if he understands what it is that gets a player fined:

“If I knew the answer, I would have $20,000 more they wouldn’t have taken from me. So I definitely don’t have the answer. I’m still trying to figure out how a guy gets caught with cocaine in the car and he still plays the game and nothing happens to him. Nothing’s happened. They ain’t had no penalty or nothing. I’m trying to figure that out. He got caught with some cocaine in his pockets. Everybody knows it. But Matt Jones is still up there playing football and nothing’s ever happened to him. So I’m still trying to figure out how you get away with that and your fining people $20,000 for making comments about media or refs or how they feel. But here is a guy that got caught with cocaine, everybody knows about it, and nothing happened. He done played every game. You explain that to me, then we’ll be talking about something.”

He might have a point. But seeing as Jones was a first-time offender, and obviously Porter knows nothing of the details of the case, he might be getting a little out over his skis. And what the fruck does Matt Jones’ cocaine case have to do with Porter’s fine?

Thanks Joey!