Joey Porter Reportedly Worn Out Like Old Pair Of Levis By Cincinnati Bengal Jones

JOEY PORTER WORN OUT LIKE OLD PAIR OF LEVIS BY JONES: WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh helps clears away the confusion about the recent Joey Porter-Levi Jones altercation in Vegas. In short, Porter, the new Dolphins linebacker, was backhoed by Jones, an offensive lineman for the Bengals.

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Dave Benz was an eyewitness and reported to the Pittsburgh TV outlet, “They were throwing down, They must have each gotten in a good three or four swings. Then all of a sudden, the bigger guy who I found out later was Levi Jones, picked up Joey Porter and tossed him probably 10 feet like he was a rag doll.

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Porter then was held back from Jones for a moment, but soon broke free and “ran full sprint at Levi Jones and dove through the air at him like he was trying to tackle Ladanian Tomlinson. Took him down with a tackle, then the two of them got up. They were throwing fists again. It sounded like a ‘Rocky’ movie.

Rocky? I’m actually thinking Wedding Crashers 2:

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