Zumaya Rehab Update: Keg Stand Skills Improving

As the Tigers limp along in their horrid start, Detroit pitcher Joel Zumaya sits on the shelf, as he recovers from offseason shoulder surgery. But one can only take shelf-sitting for so long. So, MAC G’s WORLD checks in to see how Zumaya’s rehab is going.

Joel Zumaya drinking from keg

Looks like Joel’s making progress. Good to know he’s still on fluids.

But wait, there’s more!

One important exercise of any athlete’s physical rehabilitation is strengthening the arms with the keg stand. And Joel appears to be handling that task quite well:

Joel Zumaya keg stand

His shoulder also looks to be performing better, as the joints in his fingers:

Joel Zumaya flipping off

But some habits are hard to break, as DEADSPIN catches Zumaya doing what caused his shoulder injury in the first place - playing “Guitar Hero“:

Joel Zumaya Guitar Hero

How are the Tigers’ dealing with all this? According to the DETROIT NEWS, a team spokesman said, “We handle these types of situations with players internally.”

In other words, they hope there’s still some brew left in the keg, while Joel teaches them the right chords for “Detroit Rock City”.

Meanwhile, Zumaya’s shoulder recovery may soon be replaced by a new rehab stint - at the Betty Ford Clinic.