Joe Torre Closing In On 3-Year $15 Million Deal To Manage The Los Angeles Dodgers

TORRE TO JOIN DODGERS WITH 3-YEAR, $15 MILLION DEAL: The WESTCHESTER (NY) JOURNAL NEWS reports that Joe Torre is close to signing a 3-year deal to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers:

George Steinbrenner Joe Torre

The contract is expected to be worth $15 million, and an official announcement could come as soon as Wednesday.Events in motion were sped up when Grady Little bolted from the Blue Crew on Tuesday, stating his resignation was a “mutual decision” between himself and the front office.

Dodger Stadium sign

If the deal goes through, Torre will likely bring along Don Mattingly as his bench coach. And the ex-Yankees manager is also eyeing current New York 3rd-base coach Larry Bowa to Go West, Old Man.With Torre’s employment saga splashed across the sports pages, METSBLOG takes a nostalgic look back when the skipper was peeled off of the Big Apple’s other major league team:

Joe Torre ex-manager

The Torre story doesn’t get into full gear until two minutes into the clip. But the 1981 TV commercials are amusement enough, such as ads for Sasson jeans, and Leonard Nimoy doing voice-overs for Bell Telephone. Fascinating.