Joe Theismann Throws Ron Jaworski And Tony Kornheiser Under The Bus Over ESPN Sacking

JOE THEISMANN IS STILL RED FACED (OVER ESPN SACKING): METRO BOSTON has a seemingly interminable interview with Joe Theismann. But thankfully, we were able to dredge something mildly entertaining out of it - Joey T. once again melting down over getting thrown out on his ass by ESPN.

Joe Theismann

The celebrated restaurateur certainly has been polishing up his spin for some time now: “The ratings have gone up 50 percent and the executives don’t even talk to my boss and tell me that they didn’t like the fact that I talked about football, you have a little trouble trying to process how you could have done better.

Hold it right there, somebody get Ron Jaworski on the phone - does he realize that ESPN won’t like it if he talks about football?!!!

Joe Theismann's Restaurant

Theismann: “For Mike [Tirico] and Tony [Kornheiser] and Ron, it’ll be a learning process again, because Ron hasn’t done television.

Ron hasn’t done television“? Theismann shows why ESPN really blew it by sh–canning him - with his ability to break exclusive, completely accurate news like that.

And finally, our favorite part - the continued crybabying about Tony K.: “Tony is extremely neurotic. … “Monday Night Football” cannot be an extension of “Pardon The Interruption,” because the game is too important.

Tony Kornheiser sign

I will say this — I believe, 100 percent that you cannot insult the football fan. “Monday Night Football” is about football, and I hope that they continue to deliver that product to the fan.

Mike Golic Mike Greenberg

Well if football fans felt *insulted* last season, I have a feeling they’re really going to love ESPN’s new MNF hire.