Joe Theismann, Hawking Super Bowl Party Snacks

A hat tip to the LADIES… for discovering what former ESPN announcer and pro baller Joe Theismann is doing with his free time - pimping snack food none of us have even heard of before the Super Bowl:

(Scroll to about 2:55 or so on the video for the blatant plug for “Town House FlipSides”)

I have some sympathy for Theismann’s gritting his teeth as the Raleigh, NC, station he happens to be on reeks of morning show to me. As someone who’s written and produced a morning newscast, these satellite media tours (SMTs) are a regular annoyance in my inbox — and they only increase during Super Bowl week, with more has-beens and never-weres looking to use news time to sell the public absolute crap.

PR firms bring out folks like Rodney Peete & wife Holly Robinson-Peete (that’s the example I remember most vividly from my time on the graveyard shift) for SMTs, to appeal to the people who basically have the TV on at 6 AM trying to catch the weather or traffic before running out the door.

This is probably the ninth circle of hell for a former baller: your career is over, your future in broadcasting is shot after losing the office politics with Tony Kornheiser, and you’re now reduced to talking to a morning show host who doesn’t know the first thing about football while trying to squeeze in a pitch for the company sponsoring the whole SMT. And ESPN does this too: I’ve seen guests on First Take end by pimping a company that’s sponsoring their charity initiative or what have you.

Frankly, I look forward to more occurrences of this. Michael Strahan has his massive divorce payout to make, right? I bet he’s hawking toothpaste on a Crest tour not long after retirement. Got any other athletes you could see trying to sell junk via “news” segments?

(Also, thanks for joining me today, and to Brooks and Jason for their help. Richard McPlenty will be in tomorrow.)