Joe Theismann and Jimmy Kimmel Make Peace On LA Radio

THEISMANN NOT RED-FACED ABOUT KIMMEL’S MNF QUIP: Joe Theismann and Jimmy Kimmel decided to let bygones be bygones and bury the hatchet.

Jimmy Kimmel Joe Theismann

Kimmel made headlines from the Monday Night Football booth, when he gave a hello to Theismann sitting at home with “steam coming out of his ears.”The meeting of the mouths came on Wednesday’s Dave Dameshek Show on 710 ESPN in Los Angeles.

When Kimmel came on the air, he immediately took issue with Dameshek’s pre-segment promotion: “You’ve been advertising this as mano y mano. It’s mano a mano - ‘hand to hand’. Mano y mano means ‘hand with hand’. You make it sound like Joe and I will be holding hands.”

Holding Hands

Upon talking to Theismann, Kimmel clarified his Monday night crack: “I was not making fun of Joe Theismann. I was just making everyone else in the booth uncomfortable.”Theismann admitted he was watching “CSI” at the time of the controversial quip, but said he got a chuckle of it when he heard about it afterwards. Joe also made a correction to Kimmel’s comment, saying, “The steam was coming out of my nose, not my ears.”

Joe fondly remembered a previous broadcast moment with Jimmy. Right before air, Kimmel had leaned over to Theismann and said, “So, how’s the leg?

Joe Theismann leg stretcher

The chatter was cordial and friendly between the media superstars, even suggesting the two work together on their own football project. As Theismann pointed out, “Neither one of us are going to be on ‘Monday Night’ ever again“Kimmel hoped the on-air discussion would quell any questions about any ongoing rifts, concluding, “Like Joe’s leg, this has healed.” Theismann quickly responded, “My leg is short and crooked.”