Joe Paterno, Reduced To Cane, Won’t See Doctor

Jay Christensen over at the WIZARD OF ODDS has some sad photos that I haven’t seen before, of Joe Paterno using a cane:

Joe Paterno using a cane, won't see doctor

Would JoPa have his surgery now if the Lions were struggling this year?

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The PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW reports that the ailment Paterno suffers somehow isn’t known, because Paterno claims he hasn’t had a doctor look at the problem.

The prevailing wisdom is the 81-year-old Penn State coach is suffering a hip problem and will likely have to get it replaced. But don’t tell that to the eternally cantankerous one:

When asked for specifics regarding his injury yesterday, Paterno was vague.

“I don’t know for sure what it is. It’s probably something to do with the hip,” he said. “I haven’t got time to spend going through a lot of examinations and things like that. I’m going to wait until the season’s over.”

My guess is Paterno knows exactly what’s wrong, and found out from doctors that whatever correction needed to be made would take him away from football for the rest of the season. If his team was 3-4, and not 7-0, I think he might go have his surgery. But so long as the Lions remain unbeaten, you can bet Paterno will be front and center to bask in the glory - regardless of the distraction it may cause.

Does anyone wonder how he still recruits? How he still is able to field competitive teams? Yeah, he needs to get whatever the problem is fixed, but it still is unreal how the man is able to coach (oversee) the hell out of the Lions.

UPDATE: OK, thanks to Brent Musberger, I officially feel like sh– for posting this. Thanks A.J.! On a side note, how was Dan Patrick able to drag Brent away from the Planet Hollywood Sportsbook for the interview?