Blog-O-Rama: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy For Joe Morgan

• UNCOACHED knows very well that pimpin’ ain’t easy for Joe Morgan.

Joe Morgan pimp

• WE ARE THE POSTMEN wants to know what Mike & Mike were doing at Wrigley Field Wednesday night.

Darren Rovell of CNBC runs along news that even before joining an NBA team, O.J. Mayo has already signed with Nike.

• The Austrians can have their free beer. RUMOR & RANTS reports that Russian soccer players in Euro 2008 have been promised two girls for each goal they score.

• The JAMESTOWN SUN (via PRO FOOTBALL TALK) gets the reaction of North Dakota State LB Joe Mays & his new contract with the Eagles: “It was like signing the Declaration of Independence or something like that.”

• SEATOWN SPORTS gets a chuckle from hearing Ichiro’s favorite American expression: “In August in Kansas City, it’s hotter than two rats in a f—ing old sock.”

• RED & BLACK finally figures out why Erin Andrews spent so much time in the Georgia dugout during the CWS Final - she’s a Gator spy! (Well, it must have worked.)

Barry Jackson of the MIAMI HERALD bounced along word that the Heat aren’t completely dead set on taking Michael Beasley with the #2 pick.

• UWE BLOG is afraid the Mavericks are just going to draft yet another tall guy from Eastern Europe.

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