Joe Montana Now Assistant Coach For Son’s Team

At my high school we had football coaches who weren’t really football coaches. They were just gym teachers or history teachers looking to pick up an extra paycheck on the side. So as you’d expect, we weren’t really the most well-coached team in the area, and our record reflected this.

Too bad we didn’t have the sons of any Hall of Fame quarterbacks at our school, or maybe we could have convinced their dad to come teach us how to actually play the game. Oaks Christian in California, who has actual football coaches, does have the son of a Hall of Famer on their team in Nick Montana, and now his father has signed on to be an assistant coach with the team.


“We have a policy where we don’t want fathers coaching their kids,” head Coach Bill Redell told MaxPreps. “But we made an exception. So the new rule is, if you’ve been a three-time Super Bowl MVP, you can come out and coach your kid.”

Apologies to mere two-timers Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw and Tom Brady, but that list starts and ends with Joe Montana. Next season he will be an assistant coach at Oaks Christian, where his son, Nick, plays quarterback. The incoming senior already has offers from Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford and Washington.

The younger Montana is backed up by the son of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and one of his receivers is the son of actor Will Smith. The elder Montana will join a staff that includes two former California coaches of the year, 19-year NFL veteran Clay Matthews, and former Tennessee quarterback Casey Clausen.

Apparently there has never been a “No Brothers” rule at Oaks Christian because Jimmy Clausen, Casey’s little brother, played quarterback there before Nick Montana.

Now I’m not sure this is a good idea, because anyone who watched this past season of “Friday Night Lights” already knows that Joe is going to be too hard on Nick, slap him around outside of an Applebees, and Coach Redell will see it and have to report it to the local authorities. Then Montana will have Redell fired and Oaks Christian will be split into two schools with Redell moving over to East Oaks Christian, setting up an obvious contest between the two schools in the state playoffs for all the marbles next season.