Joe Johnson Has Ridiculous Range, Ices Game

In yesterday’s scintillating NBA slate, probably the play of the day came from Atlanta’s Joe Johnson, who hit a long three pointer to seal a 95-88 victory against the Sixers. Wait, that description can’t possibly do justice to what Johnson did. Observe:

Joe Johnson Long Shot

That,  as you can probably guess, is Joe Johnson in the circle, shooting a, what, 35-foot jumper? In crunch time. And drilling it. Here’s the video if you want it (and I’m guessing you do).

Atlanta is now 2-0, and while that doesn’t seem particularly remarkable, keep in mind that they haven’t accomplished a start like that since the 1998-1999 season, when the Hawks were led by Dikembe Mutombo and Mookie Blaylock. That season was also the last until this past year that Atlanta made the playoffs, and while the Hawks hardly resemble title contenders, they did take Boston to Game 7, which the Lakers can’t exactly boast.

It’s been a strange path back to quasi-relevance for the Hawks: Spend the better part of a decade in the basement of the league, rack up a ton of lottery picks, then surprise the league by sneaking into the playoffs as an 8-seed. The Hawks return basically everybody from that team (save Euroking Josh Childress) and could plausibly crack .500.

Oh, and if Joe Johnson keeps canning jumpers from the Georgia-Alabama border, that will help too. Seriously, go down to the gym and try to even get the ball to the basket with a regular jump shot. You will be swiftly emasculated. That is because you are not Joe Johnson.