Joe, Is There Something You Want To Tell Us All?

Jeremy Sandler of Canada’s NATIONAL POST documents the unprofessional and increasingly bizarre behavior of CHICAGO SUN-TIMES White Sox reporter Joe Cowley, who for the last six years has embarrassed himself and his employers with nonsensical swipes at the city of Toronto and the country of Canada.

Joe Cowley Has a Secret

(Jonah, On Behalf Of All Americans, I Second Your Sentiment)

Today was yet another example of Cowley’s crusade, as the reporter published a opinion piece suggesting that MLB should consider moving the Blue Jays to Caracas, Venezuela - replete with (somehow) straight-faced quotes on the prospect by White Sox manager and noted Venezuelan Ozzie Guillen. (The Sun-Times piece.)

Think I’m overreacting? You don’t know the whole story.

From the National Post’s Sandler:

In 2003, Cowley omitted Blue Jays Carlos Delgado and Vernon Wells from his American League MVP ballot, earning a one-year suspension from awards voting by the Chicago chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Cowley’s colleagues said he did not take voting seriously and “embarrassed” the chapter for not ranking among his top 10 choices either second-place finisher Delgado’s league-leading 145 RBI season or the .317 average, 33 home runs and 117 RBIs that led the other voters to rank Wells eighth.

You read that right. Delgado finished second in the AL MVP award voting that season, and Cowley didn’t put the then-Toronto first baseman in his Top 10.

So what happened after he was suspended by his peers from voting for postseason awards? The TORONTO SUN reported on Cowley’s 2004 visit to Toronto while covering the White Sox for Chicago’s DAILY SOUTHTOWN.

Joe Cowley, who covers the White Sox for the Daily Southtown, asked at the end of an interview on the Score 670 radio (in Chicago), what he’d do in Toronto this weekend, answered: “I dislike Toronto. It’s nothing but a city in a third-world country. I don’t go out. I walk from the hotel to the park and back. I only use American money. I hate it, and in fact I hate Canada. Detroit’s the only place I dislike more.”

Sandler adds that during that same road trip to Toronto, Cowley, “refused to stand for ‘O Canada’ as retribution of sorts for Montreal Canadiens fans booing the American anthem.

From Cowley’s Twitter account today: “Arrived in Cleveland … USA, USA, USA … Four days in Toronto is like three weeks in the States.

The National Post’s Sandler, the typical genial Canadian, also wondered:

Start with the obvious: Chicago Sun-Times White Sox beat writer Joe Cowley has some kind of an axe to grind regarding Canada or Canadians. Exactly what or why that is remains a mystery as Cowley did not respond to an e-mail request for an interview.

One would assume that Cowley’s 2004 suspension by the BBWAA from voting for MLB postseason awards is what spurred his subsequent, childish outbursts. But what caused his indefensible snubs of Delgado and Wells on his 2003 MVP ballot?

I can’t say that I care enough to know. Though it wouldn’t bother me one bit if the good folks with the Canadian border patrol took a good, long look into it.

Myself, I’m more intrigued how Vince McMahon has somehow missed the greatest professional wrestling storyline writing prospect at the Sun-Times since Mariotti.