Joe Gibbs Drives About As Well As He Coaches

Redskins fans can sleep a little easier, knowing their team isn’t the only train wreck caused by Joe Gibbs recently. Showing why he’s an owner and not a driver, Gibbs managed to cause a two-car pileup in a two-car race. I know rubbin’ is racin’, but maybe it’s not the best idea to run the primary sponsor of your NASCAR team off the road?

Joe Gibbs

Gibbs and Interstate Batteries chairman Norm Miller took to an Arena Racing track for a friendly, 10-lap race this past weekend in Hampton, Va. The two had raced each other in boats before, but never cars. Now we see why. Gibbs drove like he was going to be late for the early bird special at Old Country Buffet.

Video after the jump.

Gibbs and Miller were driving Arena cars, which are half the size of Sprint Cup vehicles but can still reach 100 mph.  Miller started on the pole, but in the fifth turn, Gibbs tapped the wall, then overcompensated and went low into turn three. He tapped the back of Miller’s car, sending him flipping end over end and slamming into the outside wall. And yes, you’re not the only one who sees the folly in putting two non-professional drivers whose combined age is 138 in race cars.

Now before the race, Gibbs’ wife, Pat, had implored her husband to be careful. “Whatever you do don’t wreck Norm,” she said. “He sponsors your race car.”

Well, so much for that advice.

“I was out of control,” Gibbs said, showing another sign he’s new at this driving business. Drivers rarely acknowledge anything like that. “I had been thinking that I needed to get into the corner deeper.”

Miller, remarkably jovial about the whole thing, had a retort for that.

“He got in deeper,” Miller said. “He got in behind me and on top of me and underneath me, too.”

For some reason, Gibbs was declared the winner. (His crippled car did roll to a stop 10 feet ahead of Miller’s.)

Daniel Snyder immediately offered Gibbs a seven-figure deal to be a driver.