Joe Buck’s Restaurant Doesn’t Care About Profits

Now is not a good time to be Joe Buck. The lead FOX announcer’s popularity is in the toilet as fans have gradually discovered that Buck doesn’t actually care about the games in front of him. That’s fine, we suppose; Buck is free to choose what he does or doesn’t enjoy, of course. But if he’s going to freely admit that he doesn’t watch baseball in his spare time, why on earth is he being paid an insane amount of money to talk about it during the playoffs, when it matters the most?

Joe Buck's Restaraunts Close Down
(Cue the Price Is Right failhorns.)

So perhaps it’s a touch of sports karma, if it exists [It doesn’t. Trust Me.–God], that the restaurants bearing Buck’s name in the St. Louis area are tanking right in line with Buck’s approval ratings. The ST. LOUIS BUSINESS JOURNAL is reporting that there are major changes in store for the five “J. Buck’s” locations, including management change, closure, and murder. Okay, we made up the murder part.

The J. Buck’s restaurants at West County Center in Des Peres, Mo., and in Springfield, Mo., closed last week, and the O’Fallon, Mo., location might soon be taking on another name.The downtown and Clayton locations of J. Buck’s continue to operate under new ownership. In October, Bodley Buck LLC, a new company formed by investors including broadcasters and siblings Joe and Julie Buck, announced it would take over two J. Buck’s locations, in Clayton and downtown St. Louis.

The Bucks had not previously invested in the restaurants.

I know what you’re thinking: “Joe Buck has a broadcaster sister?” It’s true; Julie has a weekday show on KLOU FM, according to the article. If you’re wondering if she’s hot, may we just remind you that she is Joe Buck’s sister. We’ve never actually seen a picture of her, but we’re willing to wager that there’s more than a passing resemblance to Barbaro.

J. Bucks bad review

But we digress. Why would the restaurants fail? Sure, there’s Joe Buck’s rampant unpopularity, but the restaurants are/were called “J. Buck’s”; this being St. Louis, where the late Jack Buck is and will forever be revered, the name value should still be solid. Perhaps there are…deeper issues. Fortunately, we found one former employee willing to speak truth to power:

i used to work here and i fully understan where these people are coming from the resturant is not somewhere i would go and pay that much for yeah the food is good most of the time but sometimes they do use food that would die under the heat lamp if they were busy or they might mess something up but usually they will take care of it if you talk to a manager about it but the way that people are that come to that resturant makes me sick so uptight and expect you to cater to their every need and then still only leave you 15% then the rewsturant isnt even that nice have you noticed the black linens that they roll the silverware in they all dont match some are greenish, some are greyish, some are even brown now how does that make them look not so good huh!! i would honestly never go to j bucks on a date or anything i dont care if someone payed me. and second of all i never had a complaint from any of my tables and i still go fired that is just crazy i really dont know what that was all about but i know that i can find any other serving job any where but overall the resturant is decesent and i do love the majority of the staff they are a great group of servers and they do try to please every one who walkes throught the doors of that resturant [sic]

Well then. The whole enterprise was doomed from the start. Or, as the reviewer would probably put it, “dumed.” But seriously, if Joe Buck is just going to sit there and totally underplay one of the five most exciting plays in Super Bowl history, then he at least deserves this.