‘Joe Buck Live’ Ready To Bolster A Weary Nation

Like Conan O’Brien’s debut as the new host of “The Tonight Show” or John Madden’s first turn in the “Monday Night Football” booth, all eyes will be focused tonight on FOX SPORTS announcer Joe Buck, as “Joe Buck Live” premieres on HBO. I only pray to God that you’ve got your digital converter box installed.

Joe Buck

Actually, tonight’s debut is probably going to remind us more of this. But I could be wrong. It’s only natural that Buck, known for his vivacious personality and comedy talents staring blankly while speaking into a microphone, should be given his own HBO show. I can picture Robert Klein watching the debut and muttering jealously, “Damn, he’s good.” And who is going to be Buck’s first guest? You guessed it:

Brett Favre! Let’s hear it for him! (Will there be a band? Answer unclear). Although he reportedly agreed in April to be the first guest on Buck’s show, speculation is that Favre may officially announce his plans to un-retire tonight. It’s the first time he’s going to talk about his career publicly since the Minnsota Vikings rumors began cropping up.

My favorite Joe Buck moment: When O’Brien challenged him on “Late Night” to work the name “Jub Jub” into his World Series telecast, and Buck did it. My least favorite Joe Buck moment: Just about everything else. But hopefully this will work out. Thank you, HBO, for canceling great, groundbreaking shows such as Deadwood and Rome to bring us Joe Buck interviewing Brett Favre. I’m now going to the other room to hit myself in the head several times with a circus mallet.


Joe Buck says his wife, Ann, is his “biggest fan.” And her advice, he says, “is the thing that will pop into my mind when I walk out there” to make his comedic TV debut Monday night.

“She said, ‘Don’t try to be too funny.’ “

Umm .. OK.

“Joe Buck Live” will appear only four times per year, and I guess we’ll know if that’s good or bad after tonight. Tonight’s guests will also include Michael Irvin and Chad Ochocinco (the cooking segment is going to be HIL-arious), and there will be a “comedic roundtable” — comedy is always funnier with tables — with Artie Lange and Jason Sudeikis.

And, a taped segment featuring Will Ferrell. And you know that’s going to be great because his movies never fail.