Joe Buck Graduates From Local Cards Broadcasts

We’re a little surprised it took Joe Buck this long to quit his nominal duties as a local St. Louis Cardinals TV broadcaster. With his frighteningly busy network schedule, it was only a matter of time before Buck made the decision to let go of his however small, St. Louis-aired broadcast ties.

Terry Bradshaw Joe Buck

Buck is at the pinnacle of the sports broadcast biz, and he’s made it look oh-so-easy. For that reason, we don’t think he’s going to stay in sports forever, either.

There’s been rumors over the years that Buck might take a stab at hosting a late night talkshow. Unlike 99% of sportscasters, we think he’d be great at it (and god knows better than Craig Ferguson). He’s naturally funny and can be provocative when he thinks no one is listening (see local sports radio phone interviews).

Buck has talent that goes beyond controlling his laughter over Tim McCarver’s latest dye job and guessing what side of the menu Donovan McNabb had for breakfast. We’d love to see him go the Bob Costas-route and branch out. And suffice to say, we think he’d be more engaging as a general media personality than his fellow St. Louisan.