Joba’s Mom Arrested For Undercover Meth Deal

Parents embarrass their children. It’s what they do. It’s part involuntary generational disconnect, part willful retribution for years of trying to tell a screaming brat what to do. Such embarrassment is usually light-hearted and harmless and often involves white people dancing. There lurks an Option C, however, which has nothing to do with familial dynamics and everything to do with substance abuse. That’s not whimsical and fun; it’s just plain sad.

Jacqueline Standley mugshot
(The face of someone for whom things have gone horribly wrong.)

And that’s where we find Jacqueline Standley, the mother of Yankee drunk driver dominant reliever mediocre starter Joba Chamberlain.  She was arrested at her apartment in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday for the charge of “delivery of an exceptionally hazardous drug.”  And while it’s important to note that she’s innocent until proven guilty, the facts as they’re presented by the LINCOLN JOURNAL-STAR give the impression that the word “alleged” is merely a temporary courtesy:

In court records, police allege the 44-year-old delivered a 1 gram plastic bag of methamphetamine to an undercover officer the night of Feb. 11 at her apartment.

Police sent the suspected meth to the Nebraska State Crime Lab where it was tested and confirmed to be 0.6 grams of meth.

Right, then. So yes, she has an opportunity to tell her side of the story, but it’s hard to imagine that this is anything but a straightforward drug bust.

If you’re wondering why the mother of a major league pitcher would be doing things like selling meth for $110, you’ll have to recall that as we found out last year, Standley’s relationship with son Joba is strained at best, the result of decades of absentee parenting and suspected drug use. We suspect no money’s been going to Standley at all, most likely with the reasoning behind it that “she’ll probably just use it to buy drugs anyway.”

It’s sad, terribly so, and the fact that she’s already on numerous other medications to begin with would lead most to believe that there are irreversible chemical imbalances in her brain. In other words, this probably isn’t a “well, at least she’s going to get some help and maybe things’ll be okay after all this blows over” situation. Sure, you can certainly hope so, but at this point, the larger concern is whether genetics lead Joba down the same road. That DUI isn’t a promising sign.