Blog-O-Rama: Joakim Trying To Be American Idol?

• JOE SPORTS FAN finds Bulls rookie Joakim Noah trying to salvage his season - by trying out for ‘American Idol’?

Joakim Noah American Idol look-a-like

• RANDBALL examines the Johan Santana trade from the Twins’ point of view.

• WITH LEATHER is bored by the Bard, as NPR offers up Super Bowl Media Day as if written by William Shakespeare.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING knows it’s always trouble when tigers & frogs mix it up on the Rockets’ court.

• INTENTIONAL FOUL looks for the remote, as they turn off their choices for most pathetic Super Bowl commercials.• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME notes that Man U-Man City is such a bitter rivalry, officials may change a planned minute of silence with a planned minute of applause.• THE WAYNE FONTES EXPERIENCE has some new words to live by, courtesy of Rasheed Wallace - “I ain’t trippin’ about it.”

rasheed wallace

• SPORTABLE weighs in on Giants backup QB Jared Lorenzen hoping to squeeze a Super Bowl ring onto his meaty fingers.

• SIMON ON SPORTS doesn’t think highly of the Mountain West, as the college conference has zero alumni playing in Super Bowl XLII.