Noah Nabbed With Pot, Didn’t Take Dad’s Advice

Joakim Noah spent his holiday weekend embarrassing the Bulls yet again. The ex-Gator hoopster was caught in Gainesville committing a heinous crime indeed - walking around in public with an open alcoholic container!

Oh, and he had some pot on him, too.

Joakim Noah draft David Stern

Tsk tsk. Oh, Joakim, if only you had listened to your father.

REUTERS reports that Yannick Noah brushed aside concerns about his son’s Memorial Day mess, calling his kid’s actions “no big deal”. But the former tennis titan must have felt a little disappointment in Joakim for not heeding his advice:

“He does what he wants. I just told him ‘Do what you want but don’t get caught’.”

Way to ruin the 25th anniversary of your dad’s French Open win.

Joakim was caught early Sunday morning on the Gainesville streets sipping a cup of Hennessy. (At least the guy has good taste. And it figures it would be cognac, since the guy’s half-French.) But when he was taken downtown, police found a “cannabis cigarette” in a pack of cigs in his pants.

If convicted of the marijuana possession & open-container charges, Noah could face up to a $1,000 fine & a year in jail.

Hey, we’re no subscribers to High Times, but 12 months behind bars just for one little doobie? That seems a bit excessive. It’s not like he was using a dead girl’s credit card or anything.