Joakim Noah And The Florida Gators Deserve A Hand Preferably Insertable

IT’S TIME TO GIVE GATORS & NOAH A (INSERTABLE) HAND: Yesterday Florida won the SEC basketball tournament, priming the Gators for a run to their second straight national title and giving Joakim Noah a chance to celebrate with restraint and aplomb (via Lion in Oil):

Joakim Noah The Fist Sex Toy

That joyous, explosive interaction with CBS announcer Verne Lundquist and coach Billy Donovan gives us a clue as to the Florida player’s first major endorsement deal.

Joakim Noah Loves the Ladies And Really Bad Sunglasses

As a proud University of Georgia alumnus, I can only hope that when the Bulldogs some century day enjoy similar basketball success, they will display the same all-around class and dignity as Noah and the Gators have lo these past two glorious seasons.

Joakim Noah Classy and Dignified

And personally, the most valuable lesson the Gators have taught me is to assume Noah’s off-court comportment - since he has shown that that’s the way into the hearts of surely the most beautiful women Florida has to offer.