Jiri Tlusty Nude Photos Posted On Internet, Stolen From Facebook Account

TORONTO NHLER FORGETS THE LEAF FOR FACEBOOK FOTOS: Like most in the lower-48, we’ve checked out of the NHL since the league made the grand decision to bolt ESPN for Versus. But the TORONTO SUN has something juicy this week about a Toronto Maple Leafs member:

Jiri Tlusty Nude Photos Posted On Internet

Leafs Rookie Jiri Tlusty last year took nude photos of himself and had the good sense to post them on his Facebook account (of course!). Apparently eschewing CatholicDating.com, Tlusty also attempted to impress a woman online by sending a nude photo of himself to her.

Early this week a Canadian gossip (oxymoron) site got hold of the naked pics and did the sensible thing, posting them uncensored (while slapping the site’s URL on them - classy).

The nudes from the site have since been taken down, but of course now the photos are everywhere (read gay male blogs). And no, we won’t be posting or linking the pics.

Mark Mangino

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