Jimmy Kimmel Says Hello To Joe Theismann on Monday Night Football

KIMMEL CALLS OUT THEISMANN DURING ‘MNF’ APPEARANCE: In order to liven things up on an otherwise uninspiring Monday night matchup, ESPN brought in comedian Jimmy Kimmel to bring some levity into the booth.

Jimmy Kimmel Joe Theismann

During the Giants-Falcons clash, the ABC late-night host threw on a headset, and managed to get some good riffs.

His best came right after Cleveland beat Boston in Game 3 of the ALCS. Mike Tirico was welcoming viewers switching over from FOX, when Kimmel had a special hello for a former “Monday Night Football” mate:

And we’d also like to welcome Joe Theismann, who’s watching with steam coming out of his ears.”

The ex-analyst had complained last week that the program had turned into “a three-hour Tony Kornheiser show.”

Surprisingly, Tony & the rest of the crew had no immediate comment to Kimmel’s quip. Guess they were hoping nobody heard it.

Kimmel also had fun arguing the evening’s attendance at the Georgia Dome. When Tirico noted that 60,000 fans were booing a bad call, Kimmel retorted, “There aren’t 60,000 people here. Maybe six.”

Brady baby Gisele

When asked about his opinion of Tom Brady, Kimmel responded, “What I’m impressed most with is he’s able to impregnate two supermodels at once. That’s better than any Super Bowls.”