Jimmy Kimmel Claims Peyton Manning Ben Roethlisberger Dont Like Matt Leinart

BREAKING NEWS! “IT SEEMS NO ONE LIKES MATT LEINART“: The BURGH REPORT takes the time to transcribe a Bill Simmons’ podcast interview of ESPYs host Jimmy Kimmel - and somehow it pays off.

Matt Leinart Goofy Face

During the conversation, Kimmel gave us a pretty good indication that Ben Roethlisberger and Peyton Manning won’t be hanging out with Matt Leinart and his best bud Nick Lachey at the Pink Taco in Scottsdale anytime soon.

Matt Leinart

Kimmel: “The story is that like, umm, Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t like Peyton Manning, no, he doesn’t like Matt Leinart or vice versa. I’m not sure. Maybe there’s something … Peyton Manning and Matt Leinart don’t like each other.

Simmons: “It seems like no one liked Matt Leinart (at the ESPYs) …

Matt Leinart

Kimmel: “I guess not.