Jimmy Clausen Punched: New Details Emerging

UPDATE (9:12a PT): A cantankerous Charlie Weis said today Clausen will practice Tuesday and start against Stanford Saturday. He would not comment on reports of Clausen’s altercation. (Weis to media at presser: “I only want to talk about Stanford.”)

After a bunch of detail-less news reports about Jimmy Clausen getting jacked in the eye Saturday night, South Bend’s WSBT-TV finally gives us specific details regarding what happened.

Jimmy Clausen shoves Brian Gunnell of Boston College

(Not a dramatization of said events)

Let’s just say Clausen’s most recent date probably should just give up on that callback.

The 22-year-old junior from Westlake Village left the restaurant/bar without incident initially, the source said. But Clausen’s date forgot her purse inside. The two went back into get it about 2 a.m., and as they were leaving, Clausen’s date was pushed by a man outside the bar.

Words were exchanged between Clausen and the man, the source said. Clausen pushed the man away, with his hand landing in the man’s neck area. The man then punched Clausen in the eye, and the two wrestled on the ground for a few seconds before the fight was broken up.

Police were called to the scene, in part because of that incident, in part because of some other skirmishes going on at the establishment. No arrests were made.

Clausen’s date forgets her purse. Then she gets pushed by the guy who ends up clocking Clausen. It’s an awfully convenient story, but at least we have some actual detail on our hands now.

Wonder how the poor girl feels when her friends text about her James being on TMZ this morning.

Best part is police were there, but only because of “other skirmishes” at the establishment. What the hell was Clausen, “some members of his family and some of his Notre Dame football teammates” doing at such a place at 2:30am? And if other ND players were there, were police called because of “other skirmishes” caused by them?

Sounds like ND AD Jack Swarbrick might be doing Charlie Weis a favor after all.