Jim Zorn To Improve On Throwing & Handing Off

The Washington Redskins’ promotion of Jim Zorn — who until Jan. 26 had never even been an offensive coordinator — certainly turned some heads yesterday.

HOGS HAVEN has a good reckoning of reactions from interested blogging parties. But we’re here to say this: the skeptics might not have all the facts.

Nuthuggers T

Intrigued? Follow me.

Zorn might not be an expert, but he knows what he has to work on. I’m having 18 kinds of problems getting this video to embed properly, but if you’ll follow me over to the source, you’ll see what I mean:

Those things include: handing the ball off; throwing the ball; talking with sweet Rockford Files-style music playing lightly in the overdub. You know, those kinds of things. Most importantly, I dare say he is — or at least once was — comfortable in his manhood. The tall white socks … they should someday reach the shorts. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Oh, man. That’s just uncomfortable.

1981 training camp. Where’s Champ Kind?

Enjoy him, ‘Skins fans. He’s all yours. (Thanks to the FANHAUS for the video find.)

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