Jim Zorn Just Sank Shaun Alexander’s Battleship

Mike Sando of ESPN.com’s HASHMARKS plucks this comment from a Redskins.com interview with new Washington coach Jim Zorn:

“To watch Clinton Portis and the strain for the extra yard, it can fire you right up. I think he has excellent vision and he seems to be disciplined moving in the hole. He is probably the idea of an every-down back. We did not do that in Seattle. We did not have that every-down back in Seattle. We had to piece and put and kind of makeshift situations with plays. Clinton Portis is the kind of guy that you can have in and pass protect, can have in and run the ball.”

Jamie Mottram

Former Seattle assistant Zorn scores a direct hit there on Shaun Alexander. This is clear evidence that Zorn is cutting his coach-speak classes, which is great news for The District media. Now they don’t have to wait for Marion Berry to once again fire up a pipe to have something fun to report on.