Jim Shoulder Dies Los Angeles Gay Rodeo Postponed

QUEER SOCAL COWBOYS NEED (JIM) SHOULDERS 2 CRY ON: Two major tragedies struck the world of rodeo recently. First, the “Babe Ruth of Rodeo”, Jim Shoulders, passed away at the age of 79.

Jim Shoulders Rodeo

And secondly, Robert Kojima, Vice President of Rodeo Operations for the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo, recently announced that “due to a myriad of factors“, our local (L.A.) gay rodeo has regrettably been cancelled.

Los Angeles Gay Rodeo

But seeing as Kojima is merely the VP of the L.A. Gay Rodeo, perhaps we can get the President on the horn to try to get some clarification about the tragic postponement.

Gay Rodeo Fans

I think we can all agree that Mr. Shoulders would’ve wanted us to get to the bottom of it.