Jim Rome Verbally Firebombs Eric Wynalda Over Comments Wynalda Comes On Show To Apologize

WYNALDA WHIMPERS AFTER ROME’S VERBAL FIREBOMBING: As you might expect, Jim Rome verbally firebombed Eric Wynalda on his radio and TV show yesterday, and ESPN SportsCenter also covered Wynalda’s asinine comments about the nationally-syndicated host.

Eric Wynalda Jim Rome

The irony in what Wynalda said (”Jim Rome can suck my d—“) is that the two were friends and the soccer star-turned-analyst was a frequent guest on Rome’s show.

Eric Wynalda Jim Rome

To his (slight) credit, Wynalda faced Rome about his verbal diarrhea, and (of course) claimed his comments were taken out of context and denied saying that he would “club” Rome’s “ass“.

Jim Rome Eric Wynalda Audio

Listen here to Rome rant about Wynalda and also hear Wynalda’s interview and subsequent apology.