Jim Rome Blows Final Load On Broadcasting Anonymous Amoeba Eric Wynalda

ROME BLOWS LOAD ON BROADCASTING AMOEBA WYNALDA: Jim Rome responds to TOM HOFFARTH about Eric Wynalda calling him “Kim and saying he has an affinity for gandering at guys in Speedos: “I will say this, the guy came on my show, apologized to me personally, in front of a few million people and then issued a similar apology which was read on ESPN – and obviously didn’t mean a word of it.

Jim Rome Bill Walton

I have better things to concern myself with than what Eric Wynalda is doing or saying.

Jim Rome Eric Wynalda Amoeba

Rome’s “better things” include making millions per annum as a pioneer in his field. And I’ll wager my comp status at Circus Circus that this is the last time he’ll devote a brain cell to the anonymous, broadcasting amoeba Wynalda.

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Wynalda’s the all-time U.S. soccer national team’s leading scorer. That and $4.50 will get you a Cinnabon at the Santa Monica Place Mall. He is sports history’s version of the grease spot you park over at Sonic Drive-Thru - and a symptom of all that ails U.S.A. soccer, which is a collection of under-sized, skill-impaired, over-arrogant peons.