Jim Nantz Hopes to Count On Your Vote Someday

Hey, how about this year’s March Madness? Yeah, I haven’t found it that exciting, either. No Cinderella stories to courageously follow. No interesting or intriguing personalities to keep me glued to the set. There’s been more action off the court than on it. Maybe because there’s no more Billy Packer to universally hate. So the announcing crews drudge on. And when you think CBS sports announcing, you eventually think Jim Nantz.

Jim Nantz

However, Jim is almost 50, and he can’t keep getting March Mad forever. So, what would he like to do after he shuts off the mic for the last time?

Run for office!

Michael Hiestand of USA TODAY alerts us to an interview Nantz did with Mark Mellinger of WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As expected, Jim talks about his heroes (Pat Summerall, Jim McKay, Dick Enberg, Curt Gowdy, etc.), his true role models (namely his father, who recently passed away after suffering from Alzheimer’s), and his latest book (about the relationship he had with his father who recently passed away after suffering from Alzheimer’s).

But along with broadcaster and author, Jim wouldn’t mind adding a third profession to his resume - politician. And as most politicians like to boast, he would enter the political arena not to help himself, but to help others:

“I’ve done this [broadcasting] now for half my life, and I’m not taking it for granted. But you wonder sometimes ‘is there something more I could do to try to make a difference?’ So that gets -as time marches on- a little bit more and more into the forefront of the brain,” said Nantz.

“But I’m not ready to give this up yet. You know, someday if I could go run for mayor of my little town or city councilman or state congressman or U.S. congressman -and let’s not get carried away; you have to be electable, you have to get elected first- yeah, I think that would be pretty neat. I really do.”

I think Jim would be very successful come polling time. He’s already a recognizable name, he already knows how to speak well to audiences, and based on the reaction to his book, he can really get the public behind him:

His work became the top-selling sports book of 2008. Thousands of people were touched by it. They write Nantz letters every week. He responds to each personally.

“I wrote the book for I think all the right reasons. I never… my agenda was not to try to sell books or make the best-seller list or write the number one sports book of 2008. I really wrote it to pay tribute to my dad; just to get this stuff down on paper and the reaction has just… it still blows my mind in a beautiful way. It’s overwhelming to me how many people have been touched by it,” said Nantz.

But why wait until Jim actually announces his candidacy for anything? Why not start a write-in campaign for him now? It worked for Alabama WR Julio Jones.

Let’s get things rolling! Jim Nantz for Congress! Jim Nantz for State Comptroller! Jim Nantz for City Dogcatcher! And save your usual write-in candidates “Dick Hertz” or “Heywood Jablomi” for the school board elections.

Still need convincing that Jim’s your man? Watch the interview for yourself: