Jim Grobe 3rd Coach To Give Arkansas Job The Brush-Off

WAKE’S GROBE 3RD STRAIGHT COACH TO CALL OFF HOGS: After going through a pair of orange Tigers for their head coaching job, Arkansas was zeroing in on a Demon Deacon. Now the Razorbacks are just back at ground zero.

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The NORTHWEST ARKANSAS MORNING NEWS reports that Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe decided to stay in Winston-Salem, rather than flee for Fayetteville.It’s the 2nd ACC coach this week to say no to the Hogs - as Tommy Bowden re-upped with Clemson - and the 3rd coach overall to take himself out of the Razorbacks’ running - as Tommy Tuberville chose to stick with Auburn.

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What’s with all the rejection? It’s not like any new coach would have to deal with any ridiculous situations.RAZORBACK EXPATS tries to explain the latest spurning, with their five reasons why Grobe didn’t take the job:

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For example, Reason #2: “Was promised that his name would be displayed on banners all over the stateā€¦then he found out what that meant.”