Jobless Jim Gray Haunting NBA Arena Hallways?

It’s been a swift, painful descent for broadcaster Jim Gray, whose contract with ABC and ESPN expired last year and has struggled to find work since.

Jobless Jim Gray Haunting NBA Arena Hallways

So much so that as Tom Hoffarth, in his media column in the LA DAILY NEWS, reports that Gray was trolling the hallways of the Staples Center Wednesday night during the Lakers-Nuggets playoff game in what Hoffarth scathingly describes as a “vain attempt to try to stay in the TV employment loop when the fact of the matter is no one is interested in hiring the psuedo sideline reporter.” FACE!

Gray has a reputation of being condescending toward his subjects and hasn’t done much to endear himself to Kobe Bryant, among others, over the years.

One of the better known instances of arch questioning going awry is his post-fight interview with James Toney after his win over Evander Holyfield last year. Careful, it’s full of naughty language.