Loving Banner Beckons Jim Furyk To Fans’ House

Banner advertising really does work - especially on world-renown golfers.

Jim Furyk We love Furyk banner

Jimmy Burch of The FT. WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM putts over the story of the Marlow family, who’s front lawn is adorned with a large sign declaring “We (heart) Furyk” - a message of support for golf pro Jim Fuyrk.

Many fans have displayed banners for athletes they like (and those they greatly dislike). But Furyk decided to do something about it:

The front door opened Monday at Michelle Marlow’s house, where a huge “We Love Furyk” banner graces the front lawn.

But the family’s baby sitter seemed puzzled when the visitor announced: “I’m Jim. I’m the man on the sign.”

Moments later, Michelle Marlow cleared up the confusion. But, perhaps, not in the smoothest way possible.

“I ran into the foyer and started jumping up and down, saying, ‘Jim Furyk! Jim Furyk!,’” she recalled. “I think I may have embarrassed him a little bit.”

The banner was first put up last year, when Furyk was in town for the Colonial tournament. The golfer said he wanted to stop by last year, but a playoff canceled any house calls. So this year when the banner went back up, Furyk made a point to pop on by.

And Michelle was glad he did, gushing, “He was so dear … He’s just the nicest man.” Meanwhile, Michelle’s husband Scott wasn’t at home at the time of Jim’s visit, but he felt just as flattered by Fuyrk’s gesture:

“In this day of superstar athletes, I can’t tell you how impressed I am that he did that. That is so cool.”

You may have noticed there’s another banner above Furyk’s, reading “Welcome Back Phil”. This is in acknowledgment to Phil Mickelson, who also holds a dear place in the Marlows’ heart - and wallet:

Mickelson ranks high with the Marlow family because, on a previous trip to Colonial, he purchased a 50-cent drink from the boys’ lemonade stand and left a $99.50 tip, placing a C-note in the kitty before driving away.

So, Jim, care for a lemonade on your way out? Just pay what you can, just like *ahem* Phil did.