Jim Brown: Stallworth High During Fatal Accident

Jim Brown, self-appointed savior of the troubled black athlete, nosed his way into Donté Stallworth’s situation as a nominal member of the Cleveland Browns management team and joined Dan LeBatard on his Miami radio show to defend the young man, who will now be serving a month in prison for his involvement in the death of a pedestrian.  (Sorry, Brendan.)

Jim Brown Donte Stallworth

(Run, Donté! Jim Brown’s coming to help!)

While defending Stallworth, Brown also happens to drop that alcohol wasn’t the only “influence”-ing chemical in Stallworth’s bloodstream at the time of the crash.   Brown told LeBatard that Stallworth smoked marijuana the night of the accident, making it clear that he had a “very reliable source”.  Thanks for helping, Jim! Way to pitch in!

Stallworth’s lawyer responded to the allegations today in a decidedly lawyer-like fashion, denouncing Brown without exactly denying the report from investigative journalist Jim Brown.  It’s not clear if this would have any bearing on the DUI agreement Stallworth reached or his sentence.

However, it is clear that confessing one’s sins to Jim Brown may not be the best way to keep secrets.  Apparently, that’s not a skill Brown picked up in prison.

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