NASCAR Fans “Curse” Jewish Driver In Bible Belt

You think it’s hard enough for an African-American to succeed in NASCAR. Try being Jewish.

Jewish race car

The JERUSALEM POST has the story of Jon Demming, a racing hopeful who’s not hiding his Hebrew faith. The 20-year-old driver from New Jersey is trying to add a little Semitic spice to a white-bread sport.

During his run around the lower Southern circuit, Demming heard plenty of insults from the crowds: People would curse Jews and put down minorities.”

And when they weren’t damning Demming, they were trying to save him: People, even those I was working with and tightly associated with, kept trying to force Jesus on me.”

Folks would tell Demming that blown-out engines and flat tires would cease to be his curse if he would make his holy pit stops in a church instead of a synagogue.

Such delirious demands aren’t slowing Demming down. In 15 races, he’s finished in the top ten 7 times - 3 of those times placing in the top 5. But he’s realistic about his chances of getting corporate sponsorship and competing for higher purses.

As for getting a Jewish entry into the Nextel Cup, Demming admits, “Frankly, I don’t think (NASCAR) cares for one.”