Sabbath Could End Jewish HS Team’s Playoff Run

If a Jewish high school basketball team reaches the regional championship, they might have to forfeit since the game is on a Saturday.

Jewish high school basketball team

Saturday, March 8, is the tentative date for that game. But Jewish law forbids athletic activity from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, and the Colorado High School Athletic Association has denied a request from the school asking to move the date of the game.

One player told the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, “It’s frustrating because you have no control over it and you didn’t do anything wrong except keep your religious faith.”

Oddly enough, the game wasn’t initially scheduled for Sunday because, well, they didn’t want any games on the Christian Sabbath. There appears to be a religious war a-brewin’ over in Colorado! Ji-had! Ji-had! Ji-had!

CBS4 DENVER reports that some Colorado state senators are taking the Herzl/Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy’s side, trying to get that game’s date moved if they are to play in it. It’s nice that the state government is fighting for them, but by the time they decide on anything, it’ll probably be too late. So we might have to wait and see how this plays out.

Herzl/RMHA plays Thursday night for a chance to reach that March 8 game, so the CHSAA would probably do best to pay off the referees in that game so the Kosher Five keep “fouling out” in the game and this touchy dilemma can be avoided. But whether a playoff game has to be moved or a team has to forfeit based on religious beliefs, well, which one’s messier?