Favre Heading Back To The Bay, Next Stop Jets?

Despite all of Roger Goodell’s kind gestures to the Ted Thompson (re: do something with Brett Favre now before I “Tank Johnson” your entire team), and despite the Packers wiretapping their QB, the grizzled old gunslinger is still a Green Bay Packer.

Favre Espy

And it appears, as reported by Adam Schefter at NFL.COM, that Favre has no intentions of leaving the team alone - or letting Aaron Rodgers ever live like a normal first round draft pick and, you know, get to play. Because, yes, he does intend to report to training camp, and is warming up his fax machine to send the Commish a letter of reinstatement.

During a telephone conversation Thursday with Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson, quarterback Brett Favre conveyed he is planning to return to the team and report to training camp this weekend.

If he follows through on his plans, Favre is expected to fax a letter seeking reinstatement to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as early as Friday, before the Packers report to camp on Saturday.

[…]At any point this summer, with the situation as tenuous as it is, Favre still could decide to walk away from the game again or Green Bay could decide to trade him to one of the teams it spoke with this week. But for now, Favre is planning to go back to the Packers with the intention of spending this season with them.

Let’s just go ahead and get it out in the open: if Brett Favre retires now, his legacy is completely and utterly destroyed. And if the Packers let him come back and start for them, then he’ll just keep abusing them every year like this.


The logical solution is to trade him, obviously. And it appears that there are plenty of suitors. For instance the Jets, whose fans, the NY DAILY NEWS reports (via MDS), are not particularly happy with Kellen Clemens.

There was a groan from the morning crowd Thursday at Hofstra, where shaky opening performances by Clemens and Chad Pennington gave the pro-Brett Favre contingent plenty to chirp about.

“Get Favre!” one fan yelled after another Clemens interception in the afternoon.

Geez, J-E-R-K-S, jerks, jerks, jerks.

Reports are actually starting to roll out though, that the Jets have entered the Favre sweepstakes, meaning that with a viable number of suitors outside the NFC North, Green Bay can actually get legitimate value for their fallen hero without having to play against him twice a year.

So, someone hop to & make an offer and end all of our pain. Training camp is here, the preseason is about to start, and I think I speak for us all when I say we are enjoying the whole Favre situation as much as Kenny Irons is enjoying Cincinnati right now.

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