Jets To Crack Down On Game Day Drunks, Pervs

This should come as a relief to the Jets’ newest employee, Jenn Sterger: The team is taking steps to prevent those hardcore drunks masquerading as fans from harassing women before, during, and after home games. The NEW YORK TIMES documented the atrocities last year, and with the league’s new code of conduct policy now in effect, the organization hopes to mitigate the problem altogether.

Gate D at Giants Stadium

Gate D is the Abu Ghraib of Giants Stadium, and it’ll be ground zero for enforcement of the club’s new rules.


Fans heading to the Meadowlands Sports Complex can expect fewer hours for tailgating under new rules regarding alcohol and fan behavior. …

The [New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority] also took steps to prevent harassment of women. Last season, security at the stadium’s Gate D was increased at Jets games because hundreds of men would gather at halftime and demand that women expose their breasts. View-blocking banners will be hung on the spiral staircase to help eliminate the problem, which did not occur during Giants games.

Now fans can just tune into the pregame show for gratuitous boob shots. (By the way, congrats to Jets fans for having less class than Giants fans. Impressive.)

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, the Jets will continue to stop selling alcohol after halftime, but will introduce a text messaging system that will allow fans to rat out other fans in real time. I don’t see how that could end badly.