Jets QB Ainge Busted For Roids?! Pfffhahahahaha

When you hear that a Jets quarterback was just nailed for using steroids, admit it, you were really hoping it was Brett Favre. Because I was too. But no, it’s actually Erik Ainge, the twig-like Tennessee product, who was just popped by the NFL for violating their steroid policy.

Erik Ainge RIPPD
(I knew it. I knew this wasn’t natural. Nobody gets ripped like that!)

Ainge is already out for the season with a broken foot, so while he’s “suspended for four games,” he’s really just taking a 25% pay cut on the season, so, “darn.”

It’s worth noting that Ainge is not the first Jet to be hit by the roid charge this season; Jesse Chatman, a tailback, was nailed before the season began. There’s no connection between the two players other than “same team” and “same suspension,” but even that’s enough evidence to earn a bit of suspicion, right? Maybe Ainge just figured nobody would test him since he’s already out for the season, but uh, clearly that’s not the case.

Sorry, but I still can’t get over this. Erik Ainge and steroids. God. Who’s next, Joey Harrington?