Jets Offensive Lineman Break Singlets Invite Collegiate Wrestlers To Minicamp

JETS DON’T THINK LINEMAN LOOK OFFENSIVE IN SINGLETS: WFAN-AM reports that the New York Jets invited two top collegiate wrestlers (no, not steroid-buffed-fakers) to minicamp to give them a look-see as offensive lineman.

WFAN: “The Jets went out & invited Tommy Rowlands (Ohio State) & Cole Konrad (Minnesota) to camp to work out with the offensive lineman. Not only are both wrestlers who didn’t really play college football, but they wrestled each other for the US National Championships.

College Wrestlers

Jets Coach Eric Mangini was mum if the grapplers were being considered as candidates for the roster: “The evaluation of what you’re looking for in terms of progress is a little bit different. What I like about these guys is they are in a completely foreign environment, but yet they are not fazed by it.

New York Jets Ambulance

They are going to go out and compete like crazy because that’s how they are wired and that’s a great characteristic.