Jets Interested In Pacman, Have Severe Amnesia

When we last left Adam “Pacman” Jones, he was appearing on Pros Vs. Joes, admirably not making an ass of himself, and talking about hosting a, um, fishing show. “I make it rain on them trout!” So is this the peaceful end of the Pacman Jones Era? Is this how he fades into Bolivian?

Adam Pacman Jones footballs
(Jones, seen here moments after being ejected from a strip club for “making it hail,” or basically just winging footballs at the strippers.)

Erm, no. According to FANHOUSE,  the New York Jets have expressed interest in bringing in the cornerback/punt returner back to the NFL. And we’ve got to say, this idea is just crazy enough to… be crazy.

Jones, first of all, has a laundry list of instances of objectionable behavior. They all involve alcohol, and most involve strip clubs. If we were to pick one city where he should never play ball, it would be… okay, it would be Tampa. But like #2 or #3 on that list is The City That Never Sleeps, right?

Second, this is just another extension of the cocktease Jones pulled with TNA Wrestling while he was serving his suspension with the Cowboys. Eventually, fans want to see the guy actually wrestle, not stand around and avoid violating the terms of his NFL contract. Someone fake-punch this guy and hit him with an aluminum foil “steel” garbage can already!

And last, this sends the wrong message to… to the kids who… oh hell, who are we kidding? There’s something disarming about the man. Maybe it’s the fact that his nickname is as non-threatening as possible without calling his sexuality into question (like you wouldn’t raise an eyebrow at “Unicorn” Jones), but the league could still use Jones, despite the fact that he’s played in nine games over the last two seasons and hasn’t been working out with an NFL team in months. We can’t stay mad at him. Come back, Pac.