Jets Fan Sues New England Patriots For Deceiving Customers

NY JETS FAN SUES PATS $184M FOR CUSTOMER DECEPTION: SbBer Mark hears the latest battle cry emitting from the stands at the Meadowlands: J-E-T-S! Sue! Sue! Sue!

Jets Fireman Ed Justice Statue

FOX SPORTS reports that New York Jets season ticket holder Carl Mayer is filing a class-action suit against the New England Patriots for their spying hijinks against his team in the season opener.Mayer is seeking $184 million from the Pats for their alleged cheating through the years. His attorney, Bruce Afran, claims Bill Belichickviolated the integrity of the game” with his secret sideline videotaping.

As if lawyers know anything about integrity.

But this isn’t the first time Mayer & Afran have taken their cases to court. In previous legal forays, the duo tried to get an investigation of the New Jersey governor for improper gift-giving, and they attempted to block an appointee from filling an open Senate seat.

Bill Belichick

Mayer says he’s fighting for refunds for Jets ticket holders, saying New England was “deceiving customers” by their sneaky ways.He might as well sue the Jets for deceiving fans into supporting a non-competitive franchise all those years.